Is Heel Pain Putting Limits on Your Life?

At Texas Foot Specialists one of the most common complaints that brings patients to our Sugar Land, Pasadena and Houston offices is heel pain. Often times this pain may start out gradually and even come and go but eventually the pain becomes worse and more frequent until it reaches the point that it is stopping patients from enjoying their normal activities.

Plantar Fasciitis

One of the most frequent causes of heel pain is plantar fasciitis, which is an inflammation of the plantar fascia—a long band of connective tissue that stretches all along the bottom of your foot from the base of your toes to your heel. Also known as “heel spur syndrome,” this condition is often caused by a defect in the structure of the foot. Having overly high arches or flat feet both put excessive pressure on the plantar fascia and leads to inflammation. Other causes include: overuse, aging or being overweight.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If you have heel pain, our podiatrists, Dr. Bruce Miller and Dr. Gregory Mangum, will want to conduct a complete examination of your feet and get a medical history. The foot doctor will also ask questions about your lifestyle and recent activities and may order x-rays or other imaging studies. Once a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis is confirmed, the podiatrist will determine the correct treatment plan for you. Options may include one or more of the following:

·       Icing and anti-inflammatory medications to relieve pain

·       Stretching

·       Physical therapy

·       Custom orthotic inserts for shoes to reduce pressure on the affected area

·       Padding

·       Night splint to keep the plantar fascia stretched while you sleep

In severe cases, surgery may be needed. As with most foot conditions, treating plantar fasciitis in its early stages is best. If you have been experiencing heel pain, contact us for an appointment at your earliest convenience.