5 Ways to Keep Senior Feet Healthy

At Texas Foot Specialists we know that our senior patients have particular foot care needs and concerns. Our podiatrists, Dr. Bruce Miller and Dr. Gregory Mangum, believe in patients being proactive in caring for their feet. Here are some tips to ensure that you continue to enjoy the active lifestyle you love:

  1. Keep those feet moving. Good circulation is important to the health of your feet. Several foot issues are caused or made worse by poor circulation. If you have good circulation, any foot injuries you do have will heal more quickly. Walking and regular exercise are ways to maintain good circulation. Avoiding smoking, sitting with your legs crossed for long periods of time and wearing tight hose and socks will also protect your circulation.
  2. Adopt a daily foot care regimen. Wash feet daily and dry thoroughly. (Don’t forget to dry between your toes—that’s where athlete’s foot can begin.) Use a good quality moisturizer with lanolin or shea butter to keep feet supple and hydrated. Apply a talcum or anti-fungal powder if your feet tend to sweat excessively.
  3. Replace shoes when worn out. Stretched out shoes with loose stitching or worn spots can increase your risk of tripping and falling. Don’t skimp on quality. Sturdy shoes that are supportive in the arch and ankle and have a good tread will help keep your feet in top condition.
  4. Avoid going barefoot. This will greatly reduce the chances of injury to your feet by stepping on a sharp object. Also, fungal and bacterial infections are spread by direct contact so keeping feet covered will dramatically lower your risk of warts, athlete’s foot and fungal toenails.
  5. Call the podiatrist when you’re in pain or notice anything unusual. Get in the habit of looking over your feet regularly for any changes. If you find discoloration of the skin, rashes, cuts, lumps and swelling you should alert your foot doctor.  99% of all foot conditions will only get worse if you wait. Many patients have done harm by continuing to walk on a foot that is causing them pain. So don’t put it off—contact our Houston, Sugar Land or Pasadena office for an appointment today.