Avoid Post Op Pitfalls

Having foot surgery is not something most of our patients look forward to but at Texas Foot Specialists we find that being prepared and asking the right questions ahead of time can ease anxiety and make for a smoother recovery. Below are some situations that we hear patients say they wish they were better prepared for:

Not knowing the procedure for the day of surgery. Having a clear idea of what the surgical procedure entails can go a long way toward alleviating fears of the unknown. It’s important to find out ahead of time if the procedure will be performed as an outpatient or needs an overnight stay, how long the surgery will take and whether you need someone to drive them home.

Failing to prepare the home for post op care. When you return home from surgery, how long will you have to avoid putting weight on your foot? Will you have a knee scooter or crutches to use? If so, you may need to clear some pathways in your home and possibly even relocate your bedroom for a period of time. Think about the items you will want to have close at hand and set up a bedside table with everything you need.

Underestimating recovery time. Patients who don’t find out how long it will be before they can do activities like drive or go back to work may find themselves having to reschedule appointments and postpone work projects longer than they anticipated. It’s best to find out the shortest recovery time and also how long beyond that it may extend so that you can plan your professional and personal life accordingly. You can get the answers to these questions from our podiatrists, Dr. Gregory Magnum and Dr. Bruce Miller. 

Not having enough help. Even once you have the facts, it can be difficult to anticipate just how you will feel after surgery. Our advice is to accept any and all offers of help! If people are looking for specific suggestions, ready to heat meals for the freezer and someone on call to pick up prescriptions or just stop by and see if you have any additional needs can all be helpful.

If you find that you think of more questions about an upcoming surgery after you leave our Pasadena, Houston or Sugar Land office, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our goal is for you to feel confident and prepared for your foot or ankle surgery.