Back to School Shoe Shopping 101


It’s time for that end of summer ritual: back to school shopping. At Texas Foot Specialists we know how important a good pair of shoes is for the health of your child’s feet. Below is some information to help you ace the shoe shopping class for your children.

Go Shoe Shopping Together--Even if you think you know your child’s size, it’s important to get his or her feet professionally measured each time you go to buy new shoes because children’s feet grow so fast. It’s also necessary for children to try on the shoes and walk around the store wearing them to test for fit and comfort.

Designed to Avoid Injury—Put the shoes you’re considering to the test to see if they are well made and will provide your child the support their feet need. Shoes should have the following characteristics:

  • A stiff heel. When you press on both sides of the heel counter, the heel should not collapse.
  • A rigid mid section. You should not be able to twist the front and back of the shoe in opposite directions.
  • Flexible toe box. The front of the shoe should bend with your child’s toes as they walk.

Don’t Use Hand-me-down Footwear—Even if the size is the same, each child walks differently and the shoe conforms to its owner’s feet, making injury or discomfort more likely in a shoe that someone else has already worn. Since bacteria and fungi can also reside in a shoe, you increase the risk of your child getting athlete’s foot by wearing another child’s shoes.

Read the Shoe—before discarding an old pair of your child’s shoes, take a look at the heels and the insoles. An uneven wear pattern may be the sign of foot problem.  If you notice anything unusual, contact our Pasadena, Houston or Sugar Land office. Our podiatrists, Dr. Bruce Miller and Dr. Gregory Mangum, will examine your child’s feet and ankles and determine if there are any issues that need medical attention.