Don’t Let Pride Go Before a Fall


Are you aware that the number one reason for nonfatal hospital admissions for older adults in this country is falling? Falls are also the leading cause of fatal injuries for the same age group. Why so many falls? Truly, some are just accidents but many falls can be prevented. At Texas Foot Specialists we want to do our part to participate in Falls Prevention Day (September 22nd) by urging our senior patients and those who love them not to let vanity and pride get in the way of being safe. It’s a matter of life or death!

Assistance please.  If you’re experiencing a balance problem or having pain in your feet or ankles, the first step is to let one of our podiatrists Dr. Gregory Mangum or Dr. Bruce Miller know. Foot pain can make you alter the way you walk and this can cause you to fall. If you have a condition that is going to take time to heal and you feel unsteady on your feet, ask the foot doctor about fitting you with a cane or walker to make getting around safer.

Review your meds. Certain drugs interact with each other in a way that can make you feel dizzy or light-headed which will definitely increase your fall risk. If you gain or lose weight it may also impact how medications affect you. Ask your physician or pharmacist to check over your current medications and identify any potential problems.

Use the buddy system. Walking is a great way to help keep your muscles and ligaments limber which will increase your flexibility and stability. It’s a good idea, however, to ask a friend to join you. Two sets of eyes are better than one for spotting obstacles and other tripping hazards.

Accept help to modify your home. Okay, so maybe things have piled up a bit around your home. Don’t be embarrassed! Ask family or friends to help you declutter and get rid of anything that could cause you to fall: loose rugs, magazine racks, paper stacks, etc. Get handrails installed on both sides of your staircases and also in the bathroom if necessary.

Making adjustments isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it to make sure you can continue to live the active lifestyle you love. If you have any other questions about your feet and how to keep them healthy, don’t hesitate to contact our Pasadena, Houston or Sugar Land office.