Exercise Safely To Help Manage Diabetes

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If you have diabetes, exercise can help keep the disease under control and also improve your overall health. At Texas Foot Specialists, we are partners in your diabetic care and want to ensure that any exercise you undertake helps and not harms you.

Below are 7 tips to get fit safely:

  1. Before starting a new fitness routine, schedule an appointment with one of our podiatrists Dr. Gregory Mangum and Dr. Bruce Miller and any other physicians that are treating your diabetes. Your physicians will be able to advise you on the best types of exercise for you.

  2. Choose shoes carefully. It’s important to protect your feet from friction from footwear to prevent blisters and sores that can become sites for infection. Check the inside of the shoes for rough spots or small pebbles. Make sure toe boxes are roomy, and consider silica gel or air mid-soles as they reduce stress on your feet.

  3. Keep feet dry. Socks that wick moisture away from your skin are best. Some good choices are those made of acrylic or polypropylene. Avoid cotton.

  4. Check your feet after exercising for redness, blisters, swelling or other signs of potential irritation. If you notice any signs of injury or open sores, contact our Pasadena (281) 991-0600, Sugar Land (281) 242-4448 or Houston (713) 664-6677 office as soon as possible.

  5. Wear a medical identification necklace or bracelet or other type of medical ID tag that shows you have diabetes and includes an emergency number. Carry a cell phone with you so you can call for assistance if you start to feel unwell.

  6. Stay hydrated by drinking water before, during and after you exercise.

  7. Start any new fitness regimen slowly and gradually increase the intensity and length of time you spend working out.

November is American Diabetes Month. To learn more ways to help manage this disease, contact us and visit the American Diabetes Association.