5 Ways To Avoid Post-Operative Complications


At Texas Foot Specialists, we know that no patient looks forward to foot surgery. Sometimes, however, it is the only way to correct a podiatric problem and bring relief from pain. Knowing what to expect during your recovery can go a long way to easing fears and smoothing the path for healing. Start by asking our  podiatrists, Dr. Gregory Mangum or Dr. Bruce Miller, what you should expect after surgery. Some other ways you can ensure the best recovery include:

  1. Be sure that any existing conditions that you have such as diabetes or heart disease are under control, and ask your physicians if there are potential complications to be on the lookout for during the post-operative period related to these conditions.
  2. Talk to the foot doctor about the length of time that you will need to be off your feet, unable to drive and off from work. This will help you prepare your home: you may not be able to go up and down stairs initially and you will want to arrange the space where you will recover so that everything you need is close by. Reschedule appointments and make sure your work is covered for the full amount of time the doctor says will be needed for recovery. 
  3. Learn about pain management options. The foot surgeon should be able to give you some idea as to whether you will need prescription or over the counter pain medication and if other modes of relief will be helpful such as icing or heat.
  4. Follow all post-operative instructions to the letter. A primary concern after surgery is infection at the site of the wound. Your foot doctor will give you specific steps to take to keep the wound clean. Be aware of the risk of fungal infections as well, which may especially be an issue if you live in a warm, humid climate. Remember that fungal and bacterial infections are spread by direct contact so do not use towels or other items that have touched someone else’s feet.
  5. Know when to call the foot doctor. Your foot and ankle surgeon will tell you the signs to look for that would indicate a problem after surgery. Any symptoms of infection, including fever, redness or streaks of red coming from the wound site, pus or discharge and warmth around the incision area should be reported to our Houston (713-664-6677), Pasadena (281-991-9600) or Sugar Land (281-242-4448) office immediately.