Eat Your Way to Healthier Joints


You may not think that food can impact the health of your joints, but, at Texas Foot Specialists, our podiatrists Dr. Gregory Mangum or Dr. Bruce Miller treat many patients with various forms of arthritis and have seen that there are several connections between diet and joint symptoms. In honor of National Arthritis Awareness Month, we’d like to share some easy updates for your food plan that can result in less pain and stiffness in the 33 joints in your feet.

  • Eat to Lose—if you are even a little overweight, you are putting extra strain on your lower extremities. Every extra pound you gain results in four times the stress on your knees. On the flip side, losing only 11 pounds will cut your risk of osteoarthritis in the knees by 50 percent. Reduce portion sizes, don’t have seconds and eat more nutrient-dense foods instead of those filled with empty calories and added sugars.
  • Go Orange—oranges, whether in the form of juice or whole fruit, are high in vitamin C and other antioxidants that can reduce your risk of osteoarthritis (the wear and tear kind).
  • Get Grilling—this method of cooking is better for you than frying because fried foods can cause inflammation. Grilled foods are also generally lower in calories and fat.
  • Add Some Color—to your plate, that is. The greater the variety of colorful vegetables and fruits you eat, the better the chance that you will get all the nutrients that healthy joints (and the rest of your body) need. Don’t shy away from those that you are not familiar with—recipes abound on the internet.
  • Increase your calcium intake—we all know that we need calcium to build strong bones, but did you know it doesn’t have to come from just milk and dairy products? White beans, almonds, certain fish such as salmon and canned sardines and dark leafy greens like kale and turnip greens all contain helpful amounts of calcium.

Learn to recognize the signs of arthritis. Aching or pain in the joints, stiffness, reduced range of motion and swelling around the joints are all signs that may point to arthritis. Contact our Houston (713) 664-6677, Sugar Land (281) 242-4448 or Pasadena (281) 991-0600 office for an appointment to get your symptoms evaluated.