Fun Facts About Feet


School may be out, but we at Texas Foot Specialists believe it’s always good to keep learning, especially about those amazing structures that take us everywhere we want to go—our feet! Below are some fun and interesting facts about feet:

  • Each foot contains 26 bones—that’s 25% of the bones in your entire body. In addition, there are 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles in your foot.
  • The world record for biggest feet is held by Matthew McGrory with a whopping US shoe size of 29 ½!
  • The average person will walk about 115,000 miles in a lifetime—that’s equal to more than 4 times around the earth.
  • It wasn’t until the 1700s that men and women’s shoes were styled differently.
  • A 2.5-inch heel can increase the weight load on the forefoot by 75%.
  • The most expensive pair of shoes ever is Dorothy’s from The Wizard of Ozwhich sold for $660,000.
  • Feet are growing to support our expanding waistlines. Studies show that feet have increased on average 2 sizes since the 1970’s.
  • Sneakers were first introduced in America in 1916 and originally called Keds.
  • It’s estimated that 75% of Americans will experience foot problems at some point in their lives.
  • The ancient Romans were the first to make shoes for the right and left foot. Before then, shoes could be worn on either foot.
  • Women experience foot difficulties 4 times more often than men—which may be due to high heels or because the average woman walks 3 miles more than the average man every day.
  • Feeling sweaty? It’s not surprising since there are over 250,00 sweat glands in the feet that produce approximately half a pint of perspiration daily.

Of course, if you are experiencing foot pain, the only facts you’re interested in are what’s causing it and how to make it stop. Our podiatrists Dr. Gregory Mangum and Dr. Bruce Miller will diagnose your foot problem promptly and prescribe the best treatment to help you get back to enjoying summer fun. Contact our Pasadena (281) 991-0600, Sugar Land (281) 242-4448 or Houston (713) 664-6677 office for an appointment today.