Myths about Bone Health


What you don’t know about bone health can be very harmful to your feet. At Texas Foot Specialists we recognize National Osteoporosis Month and want to share some facts about this disease and what you can do about it.

MYTH: Weak bones and increased fractures are just an inevitable part of aging.

TRUTH: Although this was once believed to be true, we now know that bone weakness is treatable and even preventable. Currently, one in two women and one in four men over the age of 50 will have a broken bone as a result of osteoporosis, but we can reduce these numbers.

MYTH: If my bones were getting weaker, I would feel it.

TRUTH: Often known as a “silent disease,” many patients don’t know they have osteoporosis until they break a bone. And loss of height can be caused by bones that break in the spine that patients are not even aware of. If you experience pain, tenderness, swelling or bruising in your foot and you have not had a fall or other trauma, it’s important that you make an appointment at our Sugar Land (281-242-4448), Pasadena (281-991-0600) or Houston (713-664-6677) office. Our podiatrists Dr. Bruce Miller and Dr. Gregory Mangum can evaluate your foot and determine if a fracture has occurred.

MYTH: I am lactose intolerant so there’s no way I can get enough calcium in my diet.

TRUTH: Adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D are essential for keeping bones strong, but there are other good sources besides dairy products. These include leafy greens and green vegetables like bok choy and broccoli, chia and sesame seeds, canned fish like salmon and sardines, white beans and soy. In addition, many breads and juices are fortified with calcium, or you can take a supplement to meet your daily needs.

MYTH: I drink lots of milk and I also exercise regularly so I don’t need to worry about developing osteoporosis.

TRUTH: While diet and exercise can significantly reduce your risk of bone loss, there are other factors that can increase your risk including age, sex, having certain diseases, taking some medications, ethnicity and family history. To learn more, contact us in our Sugar Land Office, Pasadena Office, or Houston Office, for questions or to make an appointment.