Foot Hazards Lurk at the Beach


Are there beach days ahead for your summer vacation? At Texas Foot Specialists, we know that many of our patients enjoy days of surf and sun. The beach isn’t always relaxing, however. There are actually several potential podiatric pitfalls that can quickly ruin a beach day. Below is a road map of potential danger destinations to be aware of.

Parking lot—black asphalt that’s been baking in the hot sun can burn your bare feet quicker than you can sprint to your ideal beach spot. Keep your shoes on until you set up your towel or beach chair.

Sand—a walk on the beach may sound lovely but again, keep your feet covered with water shoes or flip-flops. Glass, sharp shells and other objects can be buried in the sand and cut your feet or cause a puncture wound. 

Lounge chair—as you loll in the sun, enjoying a good beach read, the sun is beating down and can easily cause a sunburn on your feet. If you are laying out, it’s essential that you remember to apply sunscreen to the tops and bottoms of your feet. Reapply every two hours and after each time you go into the water.

Edge of the shore—jellyfish that have washed up on the beach, even if they are dead, can still sting you. If this happens, carefully remove the stingers. Applying baking soda or vinegar may help reduce pain.

Beach volleyball area—pick up volleyball games at the beach are fun, but be sure you’ve brought a pair of sneakers if you plan to play. Shifting sands make it all too easy to sprain an ankle as you go in for a killer spike.

Restrooms—the damp floor in the restroom that has seen the traffic of hundreds of bare feet, many of them children’s, is a place where the fungi that cause athlete’s foot, fungal toenails and other infectious foot conditions are sure to be hanging out. Wear shoes into the restroom and be sure to clean your feet with soap and water when you get home from the beach.

If any one of these beach-day hazards cause harm to your feet, make an appointment at our Sugar Land (281-242-4448), Pasadena (281-991-0600) or Houston (713-664-6677) office so that our podiatrists, Dr. Bruce Miller and Dr. Gregory Mangum, can evaluate your feet or ankle, determine if there is a problem and prescribe the appropriate treatment.