Diabetic Foot Care, Treating Cracked Heels Naturally

Cracked heels are more than a cosmetic nuisance.  Cracked heels can be a medical concern especially for those suffering from diabetes. Diabetic patients may have a weak immune system that makes them susceptible to serious infections.

Cracked heels can be a convenient portal for an infection. In some extreme cases could require amputation. Diabetic foot care is essential for maintaining overall health and more importantly, keeping diabetic patients away from serious complications.

Common Foot Problems for People Suffering from Diabetes

  • Neuropathy – loss of sensation in the feet
  • Calluses – are more common in people suffering from diabetes
  • Skin changes - dry skin
  • Foot ulcers – these foot wounds can provide an easy opening for infection
  • Poor circulation – proper circulation does not only supply nutrients to the feet but also infection fighting agents

How to treat cracked heels naturally

Check your heels daily for thick skin, cracks, wounds and infection. Early detection makes for easier treatment. Infection is a serious threat and more so for those suffering from diabetes. If you notice any signs of infection consult a podiatrist. Dr. Gregory Mangum and Dr. Bruce Miller are podiatrists who specializes in foot care and treating foot disorders in diabetics.

Wash your feet regularly. This also is a good time to check for any cuts or heel cracks. Avoid soaking your feet for long periods of time to prevent the skin from drying up further. Dry your feet thoroughly especially areas between the toes.

Make moisturizing a habit. Properly moisturized feet reduces skin dryness and keeps natural moisture locked in. Nerve damage due to diabetes can decrease sweat production. Moisturizing also prevent skin sores and reduces friction in sensitive skin surfaces.

Avoid the trouble of dealing with deep, thick cracked heels by treating your feet early. Use a pumice stone to gently file away at the excessive skin growth. Never use a blade or nail cutter to chip away heel cracks. This can result to cuts and infection.

Over the counter ointments are available for treating cracked heels but consulting a podiatrist remains the safest choice for treating cracked heels in diabetics. The Texas Foot Specialists located in Sugar Land, Pasadena and Houston specialize in helping diabetics with foot disorders.  To schedule an appointment call Sugar Land (281) 242-4448, Pasadena (281) 991-0600 and Houston (713) 664-6677.