Diabetes and Charcot Foot - The Texas Foot Specialists

Charcot foot is a serious complication of peripheral neuropathy. This is a long term complication caused by the loss of sensation in the feet. People suffering from Charcot foot can experience a sudden bone softening in the foot. The bones gradually weakens and eventually fracture. Because peripheral neuropathy causes loss of sensation in the feet, fractures remain unnoticed until it causes deformity. 

Preventive Care
Prevention remains the best treatment. Because of its nature, signs and symptoms are difficult to detect until the condition has become severe. Proper foot care is essential especially for those with diabetes. Preventing the development of peripheral neuropathy is high on the list for stopping Charcot foot.

Maintenance of blood sugar levels is essential for diabetics. High blood sugar levels can destroy delicate foot nerves. Proper foot care for diabetics include regular visits to a doctor or podiatrist for specialized foot care. Dr. Bruce Miller and Dr. Gregory Mangum are Podiatrists is a podiatrist who specializes in helping diabetics suffering from Charcot foot.

Diabetics should avoid foot injuries such bumping the feet or placing too much stress on their feet. This is to avoid possible fractures which is hard to detect because of the loss of sensation in the feet.

Possible Causes of Charcot Foot

Repeated injury and trauma to the foot can cause fractures. This can also lead to dislocation which is hard to detect especially for those with severe peripheral neuropathy. If left untreated, fractures and dislocations can cause foot deformity. Other possible causes of Charcot foot includes leprosy, weak bones, alcoholism, syphilis and smoking.

Diagnosis of Charcot Foot

Early detection of Charcot foot can be difficult. The foot condition only becomes evident when it has progressed to a point where a foot deformity has formed or the patient loses their foot’s normal functioning. Symptoms of Charcot foot are tenderness, swelling and pain. This is due to the trauma caused by a fractured bone.

Conservative treatments are available especially if Charcot foot is detected in its early stages. Treatment options incudes splints, casts, walking braces and therapeutic shoes. Patients under treatment are advised to rest their feet and discouraged from any weight bearing activities.

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