How to Keep our Feet Healthy in our Senior Years - The Texas Foot Specialists

Aging brings many physical changes in our body. A weakened immune system, decreased physical strength and longer injury recovery times makes every medical condition a potential health threat. The feet are essential for our daily activities. And any feet condition that can affect a senior’s daily routine should be taken seriously.

 Proper foot care is important for any age group.  It starts during our development years ensuring our feet matures without deformities and during our senior years when maintaining foot health is crucial. Recovering from an injury or infection becomes more difficult as we age. And preventing foot disorders is a wiser alternative to treating foot disorders. 

Early signs of a foot injury

  • Pain when walking that goes when the feet is rested
  • Tenderness
  • Pain felt when pressing on the big toes (ingrown toenail)
  • Swelling
  • Bluish skin color (bruising)
  • Yellowish toenails (fungal infection)
  • Deformities (hammertoe)

 If you notice of these signs consulting a podiatrist is advised. Dr. Gregory Mangum and Dr. Bruce Miller are Podiatrists who specialize in foot care and treating foot disorders in the elderly. 

Senior Foot Care Tips

Decreased visual and sensory perception makes the task of inspecting the feet difficult for seniors. This is why those who are tasked with taking care of seniors are advised to visually inspect the feet. Seniors may find bending to inspect their feet regularly a burden. Which makes regular self-assessment highly unlikely.

 Wearing properly fitting shoes. Our shoes provide additional support and strength in our feet. It compliments different foot structures protecting it against injury. Our meet may lose some of its fat stores or muscles and can also suffer from weakened bones. Wearing the proper type of shoe for a certain activity minimizes the risk for foot injury.

Promote proper blood circulation to the feet by elevating it when lying. Avoid crossing the feet when sitting. This prevents compressing the blood vessels that supply nutrients to the feet. 

Wash the feet regularly to prevent infection and ensure that this are properly dried after. Fungal infections could quickly set in in moist conditions. Sweat and dirt could quickly collect especially between the toes giving fungus the ideal environment for growth. 

Arthritis can make simple activities such as walking difficult or impossible for seniors. This can leave them confined to a wheelchair or seriously affect their quality of life.  

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