5 Ways To Improve Men’s Foot Health


June is Men’s Health Month. At Texas Foot Specialists, we see a number of common foot health problems that men experience which can be prevented. Below are 5 suggestions for ways to keep feet healthy and avoid problems.

1.       Wear shower shoes or flip flops in public places. Pools, locker rooms and gym showers are all places that have the perfect conditions for bacterial and fungal infections: warm, moist and lots of barefoot traffic. Since these infections are spread by coming in direct contact with them, you can greatly reduce your risk by keeping feet covered.

2.       Replace worn-out shoes. Busy men tend to put off shopping, which for many is not something they enjoy in the first place. Not replacing your work and sports shoes in a timely manner can have consequences for your feet. Worn out treads and stretched material can result in trips, falls and ankle sprains. If the sole or arch of the shoe deteriorates, it can lead to heel and general foot pain.

3.       Avoid socks that are too tight. Consistently wearing socks that force the toes up against one another can increase your risk of ingrown toenails. Choose shoes with roomy toe boxes as well and keep nails trimmed straight across and not too short.

4.       Exercise wisely. A regular fitness program will help your feet in a couple of ways: maintaining good circulation and flexibility and helping prevent weight gain, which increases the risk and severity of many foot problems. Take the slow and steady approach. Exercise routines that start out at a high-intensity level are more likely to result in injury and inflammation.

5.       Don’t put off a visit to our Sugar Land (281-242-4448), Pasadena (281-991-0600) or Houston (713-664-6677) office if you are experiencing pain or notice any unusual changes in your feet. Studies show that women are 100% more likely than men to keep appointments for checkups and be proactive in preventive care. Our podiatrists Dr. Bruce Miller and Dr. Gregory Mangum will examine your feet and provide a prompt diagnose and appropriate treatment plan.