Different shoe parts and how it helps your feet? The Texas Foot Specialists

Proper foot care involves choosing the right type of shoes. Wearing running shoes for example helps prevent injury while improving your performance. But choosing the right shoe is more than selecting the right size. We should also understand the basic components of the shoe and how it affects our feet.

The use of therapeutic footwear is just one of the treatments employed by podiatrist for managing the different symptoms of foot disorders. Those with toe deformities, hammertoes or bunions could benefit from using therapeutic shoes. A visit to a podiatrist can help explain the many benefits of using therapeutic shoes. Dr. Gregory Mangum and Dr. Bruce Miller are Podiatrists who specialize in helping people with foot conditions and disorders.

What are the different components of a shoe?

  • The toe box is a space located the top of the shoe which is used to enclose the toes. A wider toe box is ideal for those suffering from hammertoes. It gives the toes more room to wiggle reducing pain.
  • The sole is located at the bottom of the feet. It provides cushioning to absorb high intensity impacts. It helps reduce risks for foot injuries due to running or jumping. A specially designed sole could also offer additional support for people suffering from flat feet.
  • The heels is another shoe part that provides additional foot support. However, the height of the heels have a direct effect on how weight is shifted in the feet. Shoes with “high” heels push our weight forward to the toe area.
  • The vamp composes the top area of the shoe. This is usually the area where shoe laces are located. It can be used to adjust the tightness of the shoe for better fit.
  • The sides as the name indicates comprises the sides of the shoes. A shoe made of flexible materials makes it easier for the shoes to conform with the foot’s shape. A therapeutic shoe designed with wider sides for example can be a source of relief for those suffering from bunions.

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